The art of cutting precision bangs and layering hair.
What if you could gain the visual skill secret to cutting bangs?

There is so much more to know about cutting bangs. It is an extremely important element because it brings out the best features on someone’s face and 90% of the time knowing how to cut bangs is going to increase your clientele. They are going to want to look as great as you made their friends look!


Layering is one of your most basic techniques because you will use in over 50% of your haircuts! When you master it, you can approach any haircut with confidence and immediately know what to do.

  • Demo by master haircutter and Art Director, Laara Raynier

  • The art of the consultation

  • Cut the perfect bang

  • Precision haircutting at its finest

  • Visually decide where to cut the line

  • Understand tension

  • Create perfect partings and sectioning

  • Understand bone structure and face shape

  • Master the layering technique

  • 1 hands-on EDGY LAYER & BANG on a Live Model we pick for you

  • Attendance: up to 8 stylists per workshop

James Corbett Studio NYC
25 w 19th st, NYC 10011

From 11 am to 5pm

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