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Experience what it is like to get a haircut that looks amazing, that totally suits you in every way.

Raynier is famous for her amazing eye, artistic talent, and precision haircutting.




Women’s     ——     $300
Men’s          ——     $200


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Laara Raynier is THE AUTHORITY on precision haircutting.
Laara Raynier is the ONLY HAIRCUTTER on the planet who has been trained by and worked with these icons:

The legendary late, great Roger Thompson – First World Art Director of Sassoon’s London, and one of the creators of precision haircutting as we know it. Laara worked with him at the Roger Thompson Salon at Barney’s New York for 10 years as a top stylist and educator.
Edward Tricomi – Warren-Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel for 15 years, here in New York City.
Donald MacIntosh – Famous British Master Haircutting Teacher
Tim Hartley – Creative Director, Sassoon’s London

Laara believes that cutting hair is an art and that’s how she approaches it.


“Laara Raynier can do anything. A brilliant haircut, perfect highlights, gorgeous color – she has all the techniques of a master stylist and the eye of an artist. She does me and my whole family and has done so for the past 15 years and we all look great. When I travel my hair always looks amazing and when I have a play opening on Broadway, she’s the one I trust. Plus she is hilarious. Getting my hair done has never been so much fun. I can’t recommend this genius highly enough!”
– Theresa Rebeck, Creator of the TV show “Smash” & the leading woman playwright in America.

“You did it again. After more than 25 years of Roger Thompson’s haircuts, his death left a big empty place. Not just for the haircuts. He was so modest and so talented…I have searched for years for someone else to cut my hair, even finding 2 of the old Barney’s crew, but no magic. Till you. No attitude either! Whatever my hair is doing, you find its natural movement and create something so me..But better! How timely your Short Hair workshop is. So many stylists could up their game by learning from you. And I had to share you with my short haired friend who modeled for Sasoon back in London. She craved a really good haircut and I got to see you transform her from a bubble head. Not easy given how short her hair was to start either.
So, Roger would be so proud to see how much he taught you. I look forward to haircuts again, no longer cringing as I watch scissors fly. Your new haircut is terrific, but mine is better! Thanks xxoo.”

– Phyllis Finkelstein‎