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Mastercutter Academy Presents:
Pick Your Haircut

Sunday, September, 17th 2017

Damian West Salon
237 West 4th Street
New York City, NY 10014


Hands-on Workshop

What if you could gain the visual skills and techniques to cutting short hair or bobs? Plus the additon of learning the visual aspect of cutting bangs, which is key.
  • Pick Your Haircut:
    Option 1) Short, Edgy Haircut
    Option 2) Short, Layered Bob
    Option 3) Short Classic Bob

What You Will Gain

  • Gain confidence in deciding what is going to suit your clients and how you’re going to bring out and zero-in on their best features, which is one of the keys to cutting a short or bob haircut
  • Receive individual attention from Raynier
  • The importance of using the mirror to visually decide how and where to cut the line
  • Correct sectioning and partings specifically for the haircut you’re working on
  • How to design the shape
  • Break old patterns and learn new skills
  • The many secrets of the comb
  • The scissor technique that guarantees the cleanest, sharpest lines
  • You will receive detailed feedback on your haircut and a plan for your future development
  • Receive a signed certificate at the completion of your workshop

Workshop Timeline

Morning 10:30am

  • The Consultation: You can never underestimate the power of the consultation. Learn how to communicate to establish that you are an expert with an amazing eye for what will suit the client. This, in turn, will build an instant trust and rapport between you and your client.
  • Short Haircutting Demonstration: There is so much more to know about cutting short hair. It is extremely important because it brings out the best features on someone’s face and 90% of the time knowing how to cut short hair is going to increase your clientele.

Afternoon 1:30pm

  • Hands-on Haircutting with Laara Raynier on a LIVE model of your choice:
    In this group workshop, you will get individual attention from Laara Raynier. Practice a short, edgy haircut, a short layered bob, or a short classic bob on a LIVE model.
  • Schedule your complementary business career session with Laara or Caroline.

Pick Your Haircut

  • $345

    per stylist
  • Admission for one stylist
  • Hands-on Session with a LIVE model


  • $325

    price per stylist
  • Admission for two stylists
  • Hands-on Session with a LIVE model


  • VIP
  • $550

    per stylist
  • Stylist Admission for One
  • 1 Signed Pair of Laara Raynier Scissors ($300 value)
  • Complimentary Personal Feedback / 30 min Coaching by Laara Raynier ($150 value)
  • Special Price Offer for Private Classes


  • $95

    per person
  • Admission for one person


Laara Raynier was trained by one of the best in the world and it shows. I would highly recommend Laara to anyone who wants to be taught the art of cutting hair.

Michael Gordon Founder, Bumble & Bumble