Upcoming Hands-on Workshops in New York City


Morning Session:

  • Raynier’s Consultation: Establish that you are an expert with amazing eye.
  • Haircutting Demonstration: Raynier will demonstrate her brand of layering, blending, and texturizing long hair so that the hair falls and lays beautifully.
  • Face framing made simple
  • Amazing blow-dry technique by Raynier that creates volume and leaves the hair polished and shining and lasts for up to 5 days

Afternoon Session: 

  • Stylists participation, Hands-on haircutting on LIVE MODELS 
  • Train your eyes with our amazing Before / After technique
  • Individual Coaching on your haircut
  • Receive detailed feedback on your performance and a plan for future development.
  • Signed certificate 

Morning Session:

  • Raynier’s Consultation: Establish powerful communication and train your eyes
  • Train your eyes with our amazing Before / After technique
  • Bob Haircut Demonstration: Raynier will zero-in on the face shape, bone structure, suitability & lifestyle.

Afternoon Session: 

  • Hands-on Haircutting with Laara Raynier on a LIVE model
  • Practice Raynier’s consultation technique
  • Read, understand and work with growth patterns and hairlines, which are key to cutting any type of bob.
  • Personal attention and Coaching from Laara Raynier.
  • Master our Mason Pearson blow-dry and styling techniques, specially designed for bob haircuts.
  • Receive a signed certificate 
What if you could gain the visual skills and techniques to cutting short hair or bobs? Plus the additon of learning the visual aspect of cutting bangs, which is key.
Pick Your Haircut:
Option 1) Short, Edgy Haircut
Option 2) Short, Layered Bob
Option 3) Short Classic Bob

Morning Session:

  • Raynier’s Consultation: A new approach to establish you as an expert with your client & influence your client on what is going to suit them. Create RAVING FANS
  • Train your eyes with our amazing Before / After technique
  • 2 DEMOS by Raynier: a short haircut and a bob


Afternoon Session: 

  • Practice Raynier’s consultation technique
  • Hands-on Haircutting with Laara Raynier on a LIVE model of your choice
  • Practice a short, edgy haircut, a short layered bob, or a short classic bob on a LIVE model.
  • Raynier will lead you step by step during your haircut
  • Read, understand and work with growth patterns and hairlines, which are key to cutting any type of bob.
  • Feedback and Coaching from Laara Raynier.
  • Receive a signed certificate 


A Preview of This Masterclass:
  • Four (4) step-by-step hands-on haircuts on LIVE models with Raynier
  • Receive immediate Evaluation with constructive feedback from Laara Raynier after each haircut.
  • TRAIN YOUR EYE with our amazing “Before/After” technique
  • Be consistent and invested in your social media. This is one the most crucial areas right now in our business.
  • Your State of mind, your image, your style, how you present yourself to the clients
  • Priming in the morning – see and visualize what you want, start off the day in a peak state.
  • Digital before & after photos for your portfolio.
  • Create and Define your goals
  • Consultation strategy 
  • Our amazing blow dry and styling technique
  • A signed Mastercutter Academy certificate

Our workshops feature & include:

  • Live Models, We Personally Hand-Picks For You
  • Haircutting Demonstration
  • Hands-on Training
  • Laara’s approach to the Consultation, which builds confidence, trust & rapport.
  • The importance of using the mirror
  • How to identify growth patterns and work with them
  • How to cut a precision bob, using and understanding tension
  • How to cut all textures of hair—curly, straight, fine, and thick
  • How to develop an artistic & creative eye
  • The Finish: Blow-drying + Styling Techniques

Stylists travel from all over the
U.S.A / THE WORLD to take
workshops / private classes
with Laara Raynier.

Stylists Rave About Laara Raynier’s
Workshops & Private Classes


  • How to graduate, blend, layer, and texturize hair + remove weight.
  • Mens hair. Classic scissor over comb and barbering techniques
  • Body positioning. Where and how to stand
  • The 5 day blow dry with styling techniques that leave the hair polished & shining
  • The Mason Pearson blow dry. How to create sleek, smooth, shiny hair with swing
  • Professional & specific tools, products & brushes that are essential to your kit
  • How to build and increase your clientele
  • Image consulting, hair, makeup, clothing, style

Contact Us:

Laara@MastercutterAcademy.com Call 212-995-9334

(1) After you have paid for your private class, you have up to thirty (30) days to schedule, otherwise, your payment is non-refundable. (2) Cancellations made 72 hours after payment of a workshop or private classes will incur a 100% charge without the ability of a refund. (3) If you cancel or are a no show less than 48 hours prior to your private class or workshop date, you will be charged a $50 fee and will loose the chance to reschedule. (4) Cancellations have to be in writing via email to info@mastercutteracademy.com with the subject ‘REFUND’