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Michael Gordon, Founder Bumble & BumbleMichael Gordon, Founder Bumble & Bumble  “There are many benefits in going to a good yoga class but you don’t usually expect to find a great hair stylist there. One of the fellow students in the class I usually go to always seemed to have a brilliant haircut. After about a year we got to chatting and I commented on her haircut and discovered it was Laara Raynier who had been doing it. Laara was trained by one of the best in the world and it shows. She has great taste, great technique and manages to give a strong shape without making it look over cut, something I particularly like. Besides this, she has great knowledge about the history of hairstyling, information that few hairdressers seem to be taught. I would highly recommend Laara to anyone who wants to be taught the artof cutting hair. “

Edward Tricomi, Warren Tricomi Salons, Haircare, NY “I have known Laara Raynier personally and professionally since 1988. When I first met Laara she was working with the hair icon Roger Thompson at Barney’s New York. In 1998 she joined my salon Warren Tricomi. She is charming, magnetic and exudes passion and creativity. She’s a natural artist and one of the best haircutters I know. Laara has also distinguished herself as an outstanding teacher and sales expert. She excels at teaching haircutting and sharing her vast knowledge and experience with those she teaches. If you are serious about learning how to cut hair, train with Laara Raynier.”

A.L.B, Superstar New York City Lawyer “Laara Raynier is much more than a hairdresser. She delves into your taste and look and then makes your hair look much better than you could imagine, she just plainly does it better.. and with style. Before Laara, I had an average hair dresser, Laara turned my hair into a superstar. Meaning, after meeting Laara, I started appearing on television more often and eventually all major television stations. Most make-up artists I would sit in front of would always stay away from my hair and many times complimenting Laara. How much credit do I give Laara? The same amount I give how much looks count in our society. So now almost ten years later, Laara has never missed an appointment, she cares about me deeply as a client and obsesses over making my hair perfect.”

Theresa Rebeck, Creator of the TV show “Smash” & the leading woman playwright in America. “Laara Raynier can do anything. A brilliant haircut, perfect highlights, gorgeous color – she has all the techniques of a master stylist and the eye of an artist. She does me and my whole family and has done so for the past 15 years and we all look great. When I travel my hair always looks amazing and when I have a play opening on Broadway, she’s the one I trust. Plus she is hilarious. Getting my hair done has never been so much fun. I can’t recommend this genius highly enough!”

Sophia Atsidis, Stylist, Insignia Salon, Baltimore “Laara is an amazing teacher! Day 2 and I’ve already learned so much. Laara is great at explainingg everything and she is very hands-on.”

Jennifer Lauren, Hair Diva, Stamford, CT “Laara Raynier has wonderful energy and I love how she commands the room and stayed on course. She not only explained the “why” but really shows the result of why it is the better way. I learned that I need to be neater. I need to be more precise with my sectioning. I learned why we don’t touch the hair with our hands, but to use our tools. Laara has given me more than those lessons, she’s given me my motivation back. I had lost it for a while . For that I can’t thank you enough, Laara! You will see me again on October 25. I look so forward to it. Thank you for the pics as well!”

Marg Cameron, Hair on Seaview, Australia “I came from Australia to attend Laara’s workshop and a private class. She is totally professional. We did a long layered haircut on the beautiful Rebecca. Wavy long layers, the face-frame. It was fun and fabulous! I learned so much, it was well worth it. I will definitely come back again.

Paula, Salon Owner, Salon One, Boston, Ma  “Laara delivered a very inspiring class. I would love to learn more haircutting with her. I loved the spirituality that was brought into the class, especially the emphasis on “women”!

Jennifer Alenovitz, Salon Owner, Lancaster, PA “Laara, I just wanted to thank you for everything! You are fantastic! I learned so much from you on Sunday. I’m so inspired to be the best I can be at my career. Words just aren’t enough. I can’t wait to attend more classes, you are truly a mentor to me.”

Trisha, Stylist, Salon One, Boston, MA “Laara is an inspiration. She captured the audience and did gorgeous haircuts.”

Kristen, Salon Manager, Salon One, Boston, MA  “Laara is an amazing educator!! She makes learning new skills interesting and innovative.”

Cristy Miller, South Carolina  “I traveled from South Carolina for 10 Master cutting classes. Through her skilled teaching not only will you gain precision cutting skills you leave with the knowledge of how to do a proper client consultation with confidence. Laara Rayniers is truly an inspiration. Her energy and her passion is contagious. She’s the most amazing incredible teacher I could ever have wanted. The models were wonderful. Curly hair, Asian hair, straight hair, long and short hair. Real personalities, Real clients. I had the best experience of my life. I gained so much knowledge I’ve made arrangements for a up coming workshop in April in Miami Florida and I plan on sharping up my skills with her again. I thank you so much Laara Rayniers. Not only is she a wonderful educator, she is my mentor, inspiration to strive to be the best I can and a new friend.”

Leonardo Costa, Toca Hair, Sau Paulo, Brazil “We came all the way from Sau Paulo, Brazil and she’s even more amazing then we could have imagined! She is a teacher with amazing experience and you can tell she loves to cut hair and teach. We want her to come to Brazil!”

Rachel Smith, Carmine Minardi, NY “After being a hairstylist for almost 20 years in NYC and working with some of the best hairdressers in the industry, I decided it was time to take classes again to sharpen my skills. I’ve taken many classes over the years ( Sassoon, Toni & Guy) but this time I really wanted to find a private teacher. I wanted someone who would give me undivided attention and give me an honest opinion about what I needed to improve. I also felt i needed some motivation to push myself outside of my comfort zone. When I called Laara, the first thing I liked about her is that she’s super enthusiastic AND she not only teaches, but she’s worked at the best salons in the city. She was trained by Roger Thompson (who was a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon). For those who aren’t old enough to be impressed by this, let me tell you, you need to do your homework and GET impressed! Laara isn’t some beauty school teacher, she’s the real deal and has a full career as a very successful stylist. She’s taken what she’s learned from the absolute masters of haircutting and is passing that knowledge on to anyone who’s interested in learning. That is freaking amazing stuff! As for the classes, we decided to focus on the bob haircut. It may seem like a simple haircut, but all hairstylists know that doing a perfect precision bob is really difficult to do and takes a LOT of practice and skill. Laara is a MASTER of the bob cut! She has a rock solid technique and understands HOW to effectively teach her method. She will push you, she’ll cheer you on and she’ll give you your time and money’s worth. I ended up taking a group class after my private sessions and that was a great experience too. The classes are kept pretty small so I still got the attention I needed and being around other stylists in a learning environment was really a lot of fun. After Laara’s classes I had a client (who’s usually very picky about her cuts) tell me that that haircut was the best I’d ever given her!!! One last thing i’d like to mention is that I not only improved my skills, but after being around Laara, I started to breathe new life into my career in a way I hadn’t expected. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!”

“This is my 3rd time with Laara, I always pick up more about her technique. She is hilarious, informative, and keeps my attention. Every time I see Laara its a new experience. Her work is AMAZING.”
Darlene Medina, Mancuso Salon, Sparta, NJ

“Laara, you’re the best. I’m so excited to work with you. I repeat everything I learned at your workshop- and my clients really see a difference. I can’t wait for our next workshop- its amazing what I can do with the training I’ve been receiving from your classes! Thank you so much for helping me! Love you!”
Rocco Compitello, White Plains, NY 

“Nice to have an instructor that is passionate in her craft after being in the industry for 30 years. You will leave this class with confidence. I also like the diversity of the models, I was able to cut straight and curly hair I have had lots of education and this is the best by far.”
Kihjuana Mack, Kijuana Salon, Miami, FL

“Laara is a true professional and an amazing artist. She is very motivating and her love of her art is inspiring. I learn so much. Not only did I learn one technique in cutting, I learned to look at my client in a whole new way. She taught me to truly assess the hair and face shape. She also reminded me of using good habits and precision in cutting and body positioning. I believe she made me a better cutter and renewed my passion for hairdressing.”
Terrryl Whorley, Denver, CO

“This was an awesome class! Once your at your second haircut, you will feel very confident! Great instruction! I will be back!
Ashley Taylor, Stylist, Jo Taylor Salon, Baton Rouge, CA

“Pure and simple. She’s raw (real) and very intuitive. I like the fact that she teaches instead of someone else.”
Paul Tran, Salon Elevation, January 2015
“Finally! Feeling inspired for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Laara. Booked a private classes package.”
Denise Radcliff, Harbord, PA

“Laara really can teach you how to be the best you can and is a excellent teacher.”
Susan Walker, Salon on Main, Hatboro, PA

“The best short haircuts I ever did was in this Laara Raynier’s classes. I will recommend Laara to anyone who wants to learn and perfect the bob and edgy cuts. i can’t wait until next time.”
Tomal Totilo, International Freelance Stylist

“As a fledgling hair stylist, she made me feel very empowered.”
Dutch Foy, Laicale, Manhattan, New York

“Laara’s workshop was great. It might be an all-day workshop on your day off, but you leave learning so much and with her lively personality, she keeps you having fun.”
-Victoria LaTempa, Atelier Salon, Pomton Plains

“You’re amazing and I would take your class over, over, over and over!”
-Sofia Alvarez, Bangz Salon, New York 

“Laara’s direct teaching attitude and passion for hair cutting make her one of the best to learn from. Her background in hair styling is filled with the best of the best. It’s exciting to learn from someone who truly knows her talent.”
Bret Krebs, Hair Stylist, Langhorne, PA

“Laara is a great motivator that makes you believe in your skill. She gives great guidance and takes you step-by-step though each haircut. She’s an amazing teacher who pushes you out of your comfort zone. I would recommend her class to anyone. “
Erica Fuentes, Glam & Co. Miami, FL

“Laara is excellent. She’s an amazing teacher with fantastic techniques. I would recommend her to anyone. Laara uses every minute of class teaching us wonderful and very useful tips and tricks on haircutting.”
Nicole Meconiates, B. Luxe Hair and Makeup, Medway, MA

“Laara is an amazing artist! She takes the Bob haircut to a new level!”
Tamara Borrego, Tamara Borrego Salon, Overland Park, Kansas

“This is my second workshop with Laara and I will be back again, again and again! I am completely hooked!”
Kathy Neu, Salon Owner, Shear Love, Wappingers Falls, NY

“Today I learned body positioning to the extreme. Laara put everything into prospective and got me back on track with foundation and precision. I cut the best bob of my 17 year career. I give this workshop a ten! Great educator.”
Thomas Cole, Thomas Cole Salon, Great Neck, NY

Laara is the real deal. Had a dream and made it a she educates so other people can follow in her footsteps.
Ron Colello, Atelier Salon, NJ

“I automatically felt as though Laara was genuine and approachable. Her back to basics and exact break-down on how to navigate through the classic bob haircut was dead on and her attention to detail is impeccable . She also took individual time with every person in the class. I look forward to signing up for private sessions with Laara.”
Stephine Russo, Verde Salon, PA

“Laara took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to think out of the box and approach a haircut in a whole new way. She is so inspirational and fun. I will definitely be coming back!”
Darlene Medina, Mancuso Salon, Sparta, NJ

“Laara is so inspirational and makes you believe you can do anything. I learned so much from her in one day.”
Jessica Strehl, Mancuso Salon, Sparta, NJ

“Laara is amazing. I have taken many haircutting classes and by far Laara’s is the best. I will continue with private lessons.”
Grace Finnegan, Lee Nannettes, Annapolis, MD

“This class was refreshing! Laara is an amazing instructor and has great energy. I learned a lot from cutting a precise bob…will definitely be back!”
Mayra A. Velazquez, Studio Etica, Charlotte, NC

“Laara’s master stylist experience really shines when she’s teaching me. My skills have greatly improved thanks to Laara’s unique ability to greatly impact a person’s knowledge in cutting. I have gained new and wonderful clients who are extremely excited about their fabulous haircuts, I love that my master pieces have Laara’s stamp on them when they leave my chair. I look forward to more classes with Laara.
Bert Krebs, Hair Stylist, Langhorne, PA

“Every time is like the first time I took the first class, it’s so inspiring. She motivates you to be GREAT.”
Rosario Flores, Hair Cult, Hoboken, NJ

“I can’t say enough about the classes! I look forward to coming and get the best training to better myself as a stylist because I want to be the best.”
Tina Disisto, Shear Love, Wappingers Falls, NY

“Come to get inspired, motivated. Your never too young or too old to learn and grow. Laara is very inspirational.”
Liula Carey, Hair Stylist, Long Island, NY

“Coming into the class I was very nervous and felt I lacked a lot of education and technique. Now I’m walking out with more confidence and the drive to come back and learn more.”
Christina Bashenko, Avant Girl, Margate City

“Laara is great. She had lots of patience and guided us through how to do beautiful scissor over comb and how to do an amazing consultation. It was very educational and I thought the class went great, it was smooth and organized. I learned a great amount with the three haircuts we did.”
Erica Fagan, B. Luxe Hair and Makeup, Medway, MA

“Laara is definitely one of the best classes I have experienced. She is honest, serious, but at the same time has a great personality and makes it fun! Classes are great for anyone from beginners to stylists with years of experience. First time at the class and will definitely keep coming.”
Roxanne Marcarelli, Peter David Salon, CT

“Laara’s direct and precise method of teaching was delivered with a terrific sense of humor. The class is well worth a trip into the city. She loves sharing her talent and is a wonderful inspiration – exactly what one should seek in a mentor.”

Christina Cusmano, Peter David Salon, CT

“Laara Raynier’s classes are professional, knowledgable and well worth your time and money. It’s an investment in yourself and your clients will love your work!”
Kathy Neu, Shear Love, Wappingers Falls, NY

“I can’t wait for the next time I can take another workshop with Laara Raynier.”
Tina Disisto, Hair Stylist, Shear Love, NY

“She brings out the Sassoon in you.”
Thomas Cole, Thomas Cole Salon, Great Neck, NY

“Laara is truly an artist by nature. She has exceptional taste and intuition.”
Kendra Albano, Hair Stylist, CT

“Laara gives one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It is a breathe of fresh air to have a teacher that is revolutionizing the hair industry.”
Natalie Zeuf, Peter David Salon, CT

“This my forth private class with Laara. She is an amazing teacher and her classes are perfect for stylists just starting out and for master stylists too. Anyone in the field can learn from her. My skills and confidence have been boosted and I’m learning so much!!”
Burt Krebs, Hair Stylist, Langhorne, PA

“This is the best class I’ve ever taken on precision hair cutting. Laara is a fantastic teacher. She goes above and beyond and cares about what you are learning and developing.”
Judy Pelletier, South Bridge, Maine

“What an amazing class and Laara is an amazing teacher. You leave knowing how to cut a bob. I am leaving this class so inspired, love her!”
Scott Thomson, Hair Stylist, Edris Salon, NY

“This workshop was excellent. I drove all the way from Cleveland, Ohio and this was well-worth the drive! Laara’s passion for the industry after 30 years truly inspires me to reach for the stars! What I gained most from this workshop is that confidence is key. Thank you so much, this was an absolute blessing that I know will catapult me into the next level of the career.”
Tiara Byrd, Hair Stylist, Cleveland, OH

“The class rocked. Working with Laara today really exceeded my expectations. I came to the class today simply expecting to do observation only, but I was able to do an actual model. I am so very grateful for getting a chance to work with Laara. She is direct, firm, and able to hold my full attention. I look forward to taking more classes and working with her again. I love your accent, it was really worth the drive from Ohio. See you soon.
-Michelle Sailes, Hair Stylist, Cleveland, OH

“I know within a matter of a few lessons, and practice, I will have the confidence I need to improve my haircutting skills and to do so much more I thought possible.”
Joseph A. Vitale Jr., Hair Stylist, Long Island, NY

“Laara’s teaching style is practical, straight-forward and hands-on. You get lots of personal attention and the opportunity to practice techniques with Laara’s supervision. Laara’s the best.”
Sarah Pozefsky, Hair Stylist, New York, NY

“Laara’s style of teaching is marvelous. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgable. She is an amazing teacher, she knows her technique very well and is also a creative, a great combination!”
Silvia Martinez, Hair Stylist, Miami, FL

“Laara is awesome. Her teaching style was individualized to my needs, she is amazing and so comfortable to work with. Her techniques and skills are truly one of a kind. Her years of experience show. I guarantee the fact that you will grow in this profession after training with Laara. After one class my skills already improved! So happy!”
Burt Krebs, Hair Stylist, Langhorne, PA

“Laara’s skills are of the Greats. I will always take classes with Laara from this day on. Thanks so much for teaching your wonderful techniques.”
Dana Davis, Hair Stylist, Washington D.C

“Great class, Laara’s techniques are excellent and the way she teaches is amazing and fun. She’s an awesome teacher.”
Nancy Garcia, Stamford, CT

“Laara is the coolest! She is so inspiring & motivating to me. Her experience in the industry reflects in her work.”
Stephanie Alcala, Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa, California

“Laara’s love for hair has inspired me again!”
Sandy Scudder, Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa, California

“Laara is an amazing hair stylist. She will make you look like a different person with an awesome haircut. Thank you for your great education and I enjoyed everything. You rock! Hope to learn more from you in June.”
Shelly George, Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa, California

“Laara is a true master. Her technique and people skills are outstanding.”
Aaron King, Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa, California

“I learned how to do an amazing consultation and how to do an amazing Bob! Loved it! Fun, informative, precise, and very inspirational.”
Lindsay Uphaus, Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa, California

Laara’s hands-on training is extremely helpful and very personal and exactly what training should be. Laara is an excellent teacher, exactly what every stylist needs. She is very hands-on and her attitude is amazing.
Jealissa Martinez, Chicago, Hairstylist, Attending a Private Class in NYC

Laara K. Raynier is hands down the best haircutting teacher I have ever had in my lengthy hairdressing career and I have worked with some of the most outstanding names in the industry (Garren N.Y., Warren Tricomi and Oribe.) If you’re a stylist and have not had the pleasure of taking one of her classes, you would be foolish not to.
Kenny Cintron, NYC, Mastercutter Academy Workshop 

Holy smokes! This is my second workshop with Laara and I learned even more! Advice to hairstylists of any level – Take these classes because if you can’t do a Bob, you can’t cut hair! I love her training style! Its informative, strict and fun! Plus, she has a great personality! Thanks a million, Laara!
Kenny Cintron, Hairstylist, NYC

” Laara’s class was absolutely amazing ! I learned how to do a precision layered hair cut. I feel way more confident with what I have learned. I also had the opportunity to receive a hair cut by her and I love it. Thank you Laara !”
Karen Dechart, JLS Hair Studio, Canton, OH, attended Mastercutter Academy Workshop

I had the pleasure of having my haircut by Laara Raynier. Laara is not just an expert but a sculptor. She teaches and instills confidence to both her clients and her students. As soon as she makes eye contact with you, you can feel her studying your features as she begins to plan the perfect look. When she begins to cut she is extremely precise; it is as if she cuts every single hair individually. She will not step away until she is 110 percent satisfied and has left you, the client beaming with confidence. I left Laara’s chair with a cut that refreshed my entire look, accentuated my best facial features, and simply made me feel beautiful.
Theresa Ahearn, Hair Model New York, NY 

” Absolutely loved working with Laara ! Any stylist should come and learn whether you’re new or seasoned. She’s very straight forward and a brilliant teacher, you have no choice but to learn from her.”
Keanah Patterson, NYC, attended a one day private class

” She is a very thorough teacher and her confidence is contagious !”
Charles McCoy, NYC, attended a private class

“Laara is a super creative genius and a whiz at “the bob.” I came all the way from Australia to take her classes. Laara is straight to the point with her teaching, she is well informed, creative and disciplined. The precision and technique I’ve learned has blown me away! She’s an awesome teacher and a lot of fun to work with. She has reignited my passion for hair. It was worth the 24 hour trip to New York City from Australia to take her classes. Thank you Laara, I will be back next year.”
– Rocco D’Amore, Zedi Salon, Melbourne, Australia, attended two day private class in NY

“I started taking private classes from Laara in the past year. Laara is the teacher I had been looking for but I didn’t know where to look. I only wish now that I had found her sooner. From the first class you see what you’ve been missing. From holding your comb to partings to where you stand, Laara will lead you to be a better hairstlyist by example. My clients have been coming back to me lately saying “this is the best haircut I’ve ever had”. New clients come back telling me that they feel they don’t need to spend as much time on their hair because they have a great haircut. I feel much more confident in my haircutting now and my time with Laara has already changed the path of my career.”
-Samantha Geiser, Dolce Vita Salon ,Pittsburgh, PA 

“Laara’s involved style of education is subtle and dynamic. She knows when to step back and let you absorb and when to get involved and take charge. She has so much information to share, you just have to be there.”
-Li Murillo, New York City

“After taking a series of one-on-one classes with Laara, I can wholeheartedly say she’s been highly instrumental in helping me shift my career to a whole different level. Taking private classes with Laara was truly amazing and far surpassed my expectations in every way. I’ve never had such focus on my individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses addressed so thoroughly. Not only does Laara have 25 years experience working with the best in the industry, but she has an incredible ability to pass on her knowledge. No matter how many years you’ve been cutting hair, you’ll be astonished at how much you’ll learn.”

-Rachel Smith, Carmine Minardi Salon, New York City

“Laara’s workshops are very inspirational and very educational – they made me love my work even more. I learned how to cut a perfect precision bob. I learned layering techniques, body positioning and how to do a great consultation and I’ve been cutting hair for 25 years ! You’ve helped me step up my game, my clients notice how much better their hair falls and how many more compliments they get since I’ve been training with you.”
-Della Avina, Umberto Salon, Beverly Hills, California

“Laara’s energy is amazing. When she talks about teaching, it’s not just a job to her, it’s her heart. She truly loves what she does and therefore, she makes the world more beautiful. At this workshop, I learned how to be more precision haircutting, to cut clean sharp lines. I loved the one on one hands on with live models, which is the way to learn.”
– Jenna Bowie, Evolve Salon, Freemont, North Carolina

“Laara is the best teacher I’ve ever had. In one day, I’ve learned so much about haircutting that I hadn’t learned in the rest of my career. I would take another and another class with Laara. I love her teaching techniques. She has an oustanding personality.”
-Sharnique Jackson, Le Mino Salon, New York City

“I’m very grateful to have taken this class. Laara is very talented at what she does. She’s an amazing teacher. I was very happy with the time I spent here today. I learned new techniques and I look forward to taking more classes.”
-Judy Mercedes, Salon 3005, New York City

“I thought it was a great class, I really learned a lot in the two days I’ve spent with Laara. She did an awesome job explaining and demonstrating how to do bobs and long layered hair cuts. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn and have a fun weekend.”
-Amber Robinson, Salon Cotetta, Pennsylvania

“We learned strong structered haircutting. Laara has spunk and really takes her time with each model showing the best looks. I think all the stylists learned how to use their mirrors and really spend time talking and consulting with the clients. We’ve learned a lot of techniques we can use.”
– Kim McQuillan, Salon Evolve, Pennsylvania

“I have never learned so much in my life. Laara teaches with great passion. It was definitely an experience to remember! She’s amazing and very talented.”
– Karina Solano, New York City

” I am approaching a higher level of my talent through Laara’s workshops and classes. I am now goal focused and working with her on specific layers, one length bobs, and graduation.”
– Vincent Chirell, The Vincent Chirell Salon, New York City

“Laara is amazing. I learned a different technique for the bob hair cut. She is a very inspirational role model and teacher.”
-Caroline Romeo, Capricio Salon, New York City

“Laara is an outstanding teacher! I can’t wait to take the next class with her.”
-Drew Fareal, New York City

“At first going into this class I thought, what could I be taught that I haven’t already learned in a cutting class. I was wrong, Laara is passionate about what she does and what she teaches. She taught us the art of what we do all over again! I am a visual learner and the way Laara shows you technique is very easy to follow. I felt like I was completely retaught what I have been doing for seven years. She is awesome, and a god in precision haircutting! She is an absolute blast, I had so much fun with her. Money well spent!”
-Caitlyn Barna, Salon Elemis,Toms River, NJ

“From the Girls at Artistic Image Hair Salon, We had an AMAZING two days! You’re a BRILLIANT instructor! We Love You !!! XoXo”
-Patty, Christy, Amanda, Kelly 

“Laara is an amazing teacher, and taught me things I never realized as a hairdresser! She made me love my job and talent even more than I do! She is a very rare person and knows her stuff. Her knowledge is incredible! I am so happy I got to train with her.”
Cinzia Fabrizio, Salon Elemis ,Toms River, NJ 

“I have been to many classes over the years and can say that this is the most focused and precise training I have ever experiencd. Laara’s expertise and outstanding personality made it educational and fun. I will definitely be taking everything I learned back to the salon. Laara has enabled me to take my skills and my client’s looks to the next level.”
Alicia Blazevich, Hair Stylist, Pittsburgh, PA 

“My staff love Laara’s workshops and are very excited to take her classes. They learn so much from her that they can use on a daily basis, in spite of the fact that a lot of them have cut hair for ten to fifteen years. Laara is a great teacher. She knows how to explain what she’s doing in a step by step way so that they understand and can practice what they learn from her. For people who want to learn and grow and become great Mastercutter Academy is a powerful experience.”
Joseph Nasar, Owner of Blondi’s Salon, Upper West Side, NYC

“Thank you for another great class on precision cutting. Once again, you were an excellent educator and your instructions were easy to follow. I am happy to say that I used precision cutting many times and not only has my work improved greatly, but all my clients have walked out happy and beautiful. I am really looking foward to future classes with you and your team because now I’m really hooked!
Lisa Fedele, Stylist at Blondi’s Salon, Upper West Side, NYC

“Brilliant teacher, patient and precise. Laara really knows how to educate all students, from beginning to advanced levels.”
Stacey Dugliss, Adeliade Salon, Williamsburg, NY

“This class is chock-full of tips & treats to enrich your business and Laara’s commitment to education is not only brililant, it’s inspiring. Thanks, can’t wait to take another one!”
Li Murillo, Hair Stylist

“The best class I have ever taken. Laara truly cares about her students and their success.”
Christian Blazevich, Hair Stylist, Pittsburgh, PA

“Laara’s class proved to be very educational. I never thought it was so difficult to cut a straight line. I just got back to the serious fundamentals and I am so grateful. I will use these techniques forever. Laara is great!”
Kelly Burns, Hair Stylist, Kingston, New York

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