I can tell 2018 is going to be a great year ! Personally my feeling is that bangs, bobs and layers are going to be very “in” !

When I’m doing a haircut one of my favorite parts is cutting bangs! They are very poweful,  they can really bring out the eyes and the cheek bones, they have a way of changing the whole face! I use my precision technique to a cut the most perfect bangs and I always use the mirror. You can never underestimate the power of using the mirror, it can be the greatest asset to making the haircut look as beautiful as it can. Another reason I love to cut bangs is the artistry involved, especially when I’m deciding on the line of the bangs and the shape!!

Not only do I feel bangs will be “in” this year, I know that “bobs” will continue to be the number one haircut. There are just so many variations on the “bob” haircut. I love to do a precision bob haircut, it’s one of my favorite haircuts ever. There is something chic about a classic precision bob haircut. The way it falls, the way it swings and the way it hugs the face! And it never goes out of style. Nowadays there are variations, like the layered bob, the lob, short edgy layered bobs and very short bobs. A bob haircut for everyone no matter their taste and age!

We have a great segment in our”Trade Secrets” workshop called “train your eye” where we show before and after photo’s of haircuts so stylists can decide what they would have done and then see what WAS done. It’s an exciting and inspiring way to train your eye to bring out the best features in a client’s face. In fact on January 21st 2018 we will be having our “Trade Secrets” workshop at the Damian West Salon here in New York City.  I can’t wait!!!