It was so incredibly inspiring being in my hometown, one of the fashion capitals of the world, London! Walking into Top Shop in the West End and feeling the fashion buzz alive and well,  was just what I needed. The clothes, the customers and the way they were dressed,  it was exciting because it was real wearable fashion. The colors the shapes, what’s in, what’s out. The shoes, the bags, the hats, and the customers, how they dressed and how they looked.

I couldn’t get out of there, I spent days there! I took photographs of some the staff and their fantastic haircuts. London for me, is fashion and hair heaven, a place where trends are set, where the energy and passion is all about fashion. Coats are really “in”, bright colors, lace-up platforms & boutique designers.

Men’s hair in very short crops. Highlighted hair that’s blue, pink and purple… not boring blonde! I saw more bobs than anything else. All different lengths: short bobs, chin length bobs. However the shorter ones are more fashionable.

I spent three days with my friend the incredible genius Tim Hartley !  What a total treat being with him and talking about hair with Tim is like being in hair heaven.  He believes as i do that’s what  most important  is a great haircut. It’s the foundation and basis of shape, form, personality, style and wear ability. A great blow-dry on a great haircut is a great haircut. A great blow-dry on a bad haircut is… a bad haircut! Tim feels its its highly important for every hairdresser to have a mentor and my mentor is Tim Hartley and I’m very excited about it!  Next to Roger Thompson, he’s the best hair cutter I know. And I know, because Roger was my first mentor and he trained me.